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Christian Gonzalo Lucco

CEO & Founder

Interworking Buenos Aires, was one of the first companies in Latin America offering web design services in 1997. Christian saw the future of this amazing communication tool after completing Advertising, Graphic design and video production studies. In his early days the passion for creativity in a analog world gave him the real skills for directing, designing and putting his heart on every single job. World–renowned companies trusted us in creating stunning pieces of artwork in every category; print, video and web development.

In 2000 Interwoking USA Inc was created in Miami, Florida catering US clients from diferent cities and now we are proud to announce the opening of Interworking Madrid.

Now you know about us. Now we want to know about you and your dreams.

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  • English and Spanish platform
  • Video production equipment
  • Excellence in customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guarrantee
  • Social media packages
  • Friendly training and support